Song   For The Wealth Of Pathless Forests
Album Thanksgiving and Harvest Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer Lucy Larcom
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags For The Wealth Of Pathless Forests
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

For The Wealth Of Pathless Forests,
Whereon No Axe May Fall;
For The Winds That Haunt The Branches,
The Young Bird’s Timid Call;
For The Red Leaves Dropped Like Rubies
Upon The Dark Green Sod;
For The Waving Of The Forests,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

For The Sound Of Waters Gushing
In Bubbling Beads Of Light;
For The Fleets Of Snow White Lilies
Firm Anchored Out Of Sight;
For The Reeds Among The Eddies,
The Crystal On The Clod;
For The Flowing Of The Rivers,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

For The Rosebud’s Break Of Beauty
Along The Toiler’s Way;
For The Violet’s Eye That Opens
To Bless The Newborn Day;
For The Bare Twigs That In Summer
Bloom Like The Prophet’s Rod;
For The Blossoming Of Flowers,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

For The Lifting Up Of Mountains,
In Brightness And In Dread;
For The Peaks Where Snow And Sunshine
Alone Have Dared To Tread;
For The Dark Of Silent Gorges,
Whence Mighty Cedars Nod;
For The Majesty Of Mountains,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

For The Splendor Of The Sunsets,
Vast Mirrored On The Sea;
For The Gold Fringed Clouds That Curtain
Heaven’s Inner Mystery;
For The Molten Bars Of Twilight,
Where Thought Leans, Glad, Yet Awed;
For The Glory Of The Sunsets,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

For The Earth, And All Its Beauty,
The Sky, And All Its Light;
For The Dim And Soothing Shadows
That Rest The Dazzled Sight;
For Unfading Fields And Prairies,
Where Sense In Vain Has Trod;
For The World’s Exhaustless Beauty,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

For The Hidden Scroll Overwritten
With One Dear Name Adored;
For The Heavenly In The Human,
The Spirit In The Word;
For The Tokens Of Thy Presence
Within, Above, Abroad;
For Thine Own Great Gift Of Being,
I Thank Thee, O My God!

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