Song Full Salvation Full Salvation
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Full Salvation Full Salvation
Theme(s) English Hymns
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Full Salvation! Full Salvation!
Lo! The Fountain Opened Wide
Streams Through Every Land And Nation
From The Saviour’s Wounded Side.
Full Salvation! Full Salvation!
Full Salvation! Full Salvation!
Streams An Endless Crimson Tide.

Oh, The Glorious Revelation!
See The Cleansing Current Flow,
Washing Stains Of Condemnation
Whiter Than The Driven Snow!
Full Salvation!
Oh! The Rapturous Bliss To Know!

Love’s Resistless Current Sweeping
All The Regions Deep Within;
Thought And Wish And Senses Keeping
Now, And Every Instant, Clean.
Full Salvation!
From The Guilt And Power Of Sin.

Life Immortal, Heaven Descending,
Lo! My Heart The Spirit’s Shrine!
God And Man In Oneness Blending,
Oh, What Fellowship Is Mine!
Full Salvation!
Raised In Christ To Life Divine!

Care And Doubting, Gloomy Sorrow,
Fear And Grief Are Mine No More;
Faith Knows Naught Of Dark Tomorrow
For My Saviour Goes Before.
Full Salvation!
Full And Free For Evermore

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