Song   Give Thanks To God He Reigns
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter G
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Give Thanks To God He Reigns
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Give Thanks To God, He Reigns Above;
Kind Are His Thoughts, His Name Is Love;
His Mercy Ages Past Have Known,
And Ages Long To Come Shall Own.

Let The Redeemed Of The Lord
The Wonders Of His Grace Record;
Israel, The Nation Whom He Chose,
And Rescued From Their Mighty Foes.

When God’s Almighty Arm Had Broke
Their Fetters And The Egyptian Yoke,
They Traced The Desert, Wandering Round
A Wild And Solitary Ground.

There They Could Find No Leading Road,
Nor City For A Fixed Abode;
Nor Food, Nor Fountain To Assuage
Their Burning Thirst Or Hunger’s Rage.

In Their Distress, To God They Cried;
God Was Their Savior And Their Guide;
He Led Their March Far Wandering Round
‘Twas The Right Path To Canaan’s Ground.

Thus, When Our First Release We Gain
From Sin’s Old Yoke, And Satan’s Chain,
We Have This Desert World To Pass,
A Dangerous And A Tiresome Place.

He Feeds And Clothes Us All The Way,
He Guides Our Footsteps Lest We Stray,
He Guards Us With A Powerful Hand,
And Brings Us To The Heavenly Land.

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