Song   Give Thanks To God The Lord
Album Thanksgiving and Harvest Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer Susan Peterson
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Give Thanks To God The Lord
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Give Thanks To God The Lord; Upon His Name Now Call.
Make Known Among The People On Earth What He Has Done For All.
Sing Praise To Him, Now Sing; His Wondrous Acts Proclaim.
Rejoice, All You Who Seek The Lord; Come Glory In His Name.

Look To The Lord’s Great Strength; Remember All His Deeds.
His Judgments Are In All Of The Earth; He Is The Lord Indeed.
His Covenant Ever Will Stand; His Oath He’ll Ne’er Forget.
A Thousand Generations Pass; God’s Word Continues Yet.

Sing To The Lord, All Earth; His Saving Power Proclaim.
Declare His Glory To Every Race; His Marvelous Deeds Now Name.
For Great Is God The Lord, Most Worthy Of All Praise.
He Made The Heavens And The Earth; Fear Him And Give Him Praise.

Splendor And Majesty Before The Lord Are Found.
Both Strength And Joy With Him Do Dwell; Bring Offerings, Come Bow Down.
Ascribe Unto The Lord The Glory Due His Name;
The Splendor Of His Holiness Now Worship And Proclaim.

Let Now The Heavens Rejoice; Let Earth Give Glad Refrain.
The World Is Established, Never To Be Moved; Tell Everyone God Reigns!
Now Let The Sea Resound, Be Jubilant All Fields;
The Forest Trees Will Sing For Joy; Earth’s Judge Is Now Revealed.

Give Thanks To God The Lord; His Goodness Now Declare.
He Saves, Delivers From Every Foe; His Love Endures Forever.
Give Thanks Unto His Name And Glory In His Praise;
Praise To The God Of Israel For Everlasting Days.

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