Song Happy Birthday Jesus
Album Best Christmas Songs
Genre Christian Music
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Now Kids Hang On Just A Second Before We Start
You Know There’s A Reason We Are All Here In Front Of Grandma And
Christmas Tree
And If Trevor And E. P. Would Quit Fighting Long Enough And Be Real Quiet
This Little Song Might Help Ya Understand

Long Ago In A Stable There Was A Baby Being Born
His Parents Were Joseph And Mary
And Joseph’s Big Ole Heart Was Torn
Cause He Couldn’t Find A Decent Place For Mary To Have Her Child
But Mary Said It Just Seemed Just Right And She Blessed It With Her Smile

Cause What Made It Special Was The Baby In Her Arms
God Sent Him Down To Give The World A Second Chance For You And I
That’s Why We Have Christmas At This Time Each Year
It’s The Baby’s Birthday Party That Brings Us So Much Cheer

Now Kids The Presents That All Of You Exchange On Christmas
Represents The Gifts That Baby Jesus Received The Night He Was Born
He Got All His Presents From Three Wise Men
Who Followed A Star
And Walked A Long Long Way To The Stable
So Every Time You Tear Open One Of Your Presents
Think About That Baby And Say
Happy Birthday Jesus
I’ll Open This One For You

Ok All Together Now
Happy Birthday Jesus
I’ll Open This One Just For You

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