Song He Is Gone A Cloud Of Light
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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He Is Gone—A Cloud Of Light
Has Received Him From Our Sight;
High In Heaven, Where Eye Of Men
Follows Not, Nor Angels Ken;
Through The Veils Of Time And Space,
Passed Into The Holiest Place;
All The Toil, The Sorrow Done,
All The Battle Fought And Won.

He Is Gone—And We Remain
In This World Of Sin And Pain:
In The Void Which He Has Left
On This Earth, Of Him Bereft.
We Have Still His Work To Do,
We Can Still His Path Pursue;
Seek Him Both In Friend And Foe,
In Ourselves His Image Show.

He Is Gone—We Heard Him Say,
“Good That I Should Go Away,”
Gone Is That Dear Form And Face,
But Not Gone His Present Grace;
Though Himself No More We See,
Comfortless We Cannot Be:
No, His Spirit Still Is Ours,
Quickening, Freshening All Ours Powers.

He Is Gone—Towards Their Goal
World And Church Must Onward Roll;
Far Behind We Leave The Past;
Forward Are Our Glances Cast:
Still His Words Before Us Range
Through The Ages As They Change:
Wheresoever The Truth Shall Lead,
He Will Give Whatever We Need.

He Is Gone—But We Once More
Shall Behold Him As Before;
In The Heaven Of Heavens The Same,
As On Earth He Went And Came;
In The Many Mansions There,
Place For Us He Will Prepare;
In That World Unseen, Unknown,
He And We Shall Yet Be One.

He Is Gone—But Not In Vain,
Wait Until He Comes Again:
He Is Risen, He Is Not Here,
Far Above This Earthly Sphere;
Evermore In Heart And Mind
There Our Peace In Him We Find:
To Our Own Eternal Friend,
Thitherward Let Us Ascend.

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