Song Heavenly Sunlight Heavenly Sunlight
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Heavenly Sunlight Heavenly Sunlight
Scripture Reference(s)
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Walking In Sunlight All Of My Journey;
Over The Mountains, Through The Deep Vale;
Jesus Has Said, “I’ll Never Forsake Thee,”
Promise Divine That Never Can Fail.

Heavenly Sunlight, Heavenly Sunlight,
Flooding My Soul With Glory Divine:
Hallelujah, I Am Rejoicing,
Singing His Praises, Jesus Is Mine.

Shadows Around Me, Shadows Above Me,
Never Conceal My Saviour And Guide;
He Is The Light, In Him Is No Darkness;
Ever I’m Walking Close To His Side.

In The Bright Sunlight, Ever Rejoicing,
Pressing My Way To Mansions Above;
Singing His Praises Gladly I’m Walking,
Walking In Sunlight, Sunlight Of Love.

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