Song I Am Longing For Jesus To Come
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags I Am Longing For Jesus To Come
Theme(s) Beleivers Song Book
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

I’m Longing For That Glorious Day
When Jesus Shall Come Back,
I Long To See His Blessed Face.
When All The Saints Through All The Ages
Shall Be Gathered Home
The Ones Who Trusted In His Grace

I’m Longing For Jesus To Come Back
I Long For Jesus Christ My King
To Come And Take Me
To My Home Beyond The Skies,
Up There Where Angels Shout And Sing.

Sometimes The Road Seems Rough And Hard,
The Pathway Seems So Long,
But He Is Ever By My Side.
He Whispers Loving Words To Me
And Tells Me To Be Strong,
That He Will Always Lead And Guide.

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