Song I Am Only Happy When I Am With You
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags I Am Only Happy When I Am With You
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I Am Only Happy When I Am With You
And Living Life The Way You Show Me
Whenever I Am Apart I Grow A Colder Heart
I Only Feign My Love For You

And If A Day Goes By Without Speaking
I Love Like I Don’t Really Need You
But In My Heart I Find I Recognize The Lie
My Every Breath I Draw From You

And I Still Find You True Pulling Me Back To You

To You I Will Run
The Prodigal Son
Coming Back Home Again To You
Open Your Arms
And Into Your Heart
I Am Folded In Love Again With You

And Every Moment That I Have Wasted
Chasing After My Own Dreaming
I Know You Will Forgive And Wipe Away The Tears
For All The Lonely Foolish Years

And I Will Try To Be True Living Each Day With You

All That I Am
And All That I Have
And All I Can Be
Is Found In You

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