Song I Am Satisfied With Just A Cottage
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags I Am Satisfied With Just A Cottage
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I’m Satisfied
With Just A Cottage Below,
A Little Silver
And A Little Gold;

But In That City
Where The Ransomed Will Shine,
I Want A Gold One
That’s Silver-Lined.

I Have Got A Mansion
Just Over The Hilltop,
In That Bright Land
Where We’ll Never Grow Old;

And Someday Yonder
We Will Nevermore Wander,
But Walk The Streets
That Are Purest Gold.

Though Often Tempted,
Tormented And Tested
And, Like The Prophet,
My Pillow A Stone,

And Though I Find Here
No Permanent Dwelling,
I Know He’ll Give Me
A Mansion My Own.

Don’t Think Me Poor
Or Deserted Or Lonely-
I’m Not Discouraged,
I’m Heaven-Bound;

I’m Just A Pilgrim
In Search Of A City,
I Want A Mansion,
A Harp And A Crown.

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