Song I Could Take A Plane
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags I Could Take A Plane
Scripture Reference(s)
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I Could Take A Plane To New York City
I Could Hitchhike All The Way To L.A.
I Could Follow The Sunrise Tomorrow
But Be As Close To You As Today
I Am Beginning To See What You Mean To Me
I Just Can’t Get Away From Your Love

Where Can I Go Without Your Love There To Haunt Me
I Do Believe You Are Playing To Win
I Can’t Understand What Makes You Really Want Me
But I Am Feeling Like It’s Time To Give In

I Could Climb The Golden Stairway To Heaven
I Could Catch The Crowded Highway To Hell
If I Could Find A Place Nobody Has Ever Been
I Bet You Would Probably Be There As Well
I Don’t Know Why I Have Waited So Long

Darkness Is The Same As The Light To You
Daytime Is The Same As The Night
When You Put Your Chains Of Love Around My Soul
I Know It Won’t Be Long Before I Let You Take Control

I Could Take A Submarine To Atlantis
I Could Take A Flying Saucer To Mars
I Could Ride On The Milky Way Someday
But You Have Already Numbered The Stars
I Am Beginning To Hear Your Voice Is So Near
Telling Me You Love Me Again

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