Song I Have Been Away
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags I Have Been Away
Scripture Reference(s)
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I Have Been Away For A Little While
And I Don’t Like Where It Takes Me
Out Of Touch I’m Going Out Of My Mind
It’s Times Like These
That Really Break Me

So Here I Am All Alone
I’m Waiting On You
Just A Word Will Get Me Through

I Need To Hear From You
Before This Night Is Through
I Need To Hear From You
So I’m Waiting Waiting
Just To Hear From You

My Whole World Is Turning Upside Down
When I’m Lacking In Direction
I Don’t Care If It Takes All Night
I Need To Feel Your Sweet Affection

So Let Me Hear Words Of Life
I’m Lost Without You
Speak To Me The Way You Do

I Have Been Here In This Place Before
And You Are Not The One To Blame
I Need To Know What You Have In Store
So I’m On My Knees Calling Out Your Name

I Need To Hear From You
Deep Inside My Heart
I Need To Hear From You
Just A Still Small Voice
Is Gonna Get Me Through

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