Song I Have Waited Patiently
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags I Have Waited Patiently
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I Have Waited Patiently
For Your Reply
You Say You Will Come
Around By And By
I Have Tried To Show The
Way Into The Light
But I Just Won’t Let
You Go Without A Fight
You Think My Hands Are Tied
But You Will Never Hide No
I Have Got You In My Sight
Day And Night

I Have Got A Secret Weapon
I Will Pray For You
I Have Got A Secret Weapon
Gonna Get Through
I Really Care About You
I Will Pray For You

I Have Told You Everything
You Need To Know
But You Still Fluctuate
To And Fro
You Just Can’t Push
Yourself Over The Edge
So I Will Pull The Rug
Behind The Hedge
How Can You Ever Lose
This Deal You Can’t Refuse
So With Your Hands Up High
Reach For The Sky

I Won’t Give Up On You
I Will Pray Until The Night Is Through
And You Surrender To The Light
Come On Surrender

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