Christian Hymnal – Series 3I Lyrics

I Think Its Gone Far Enough

Song I Think Its Gone Far Enough
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags I Think Its Gone Far Enough
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I Think It’s Gone Far Enough
I Can’t Take It Anymore
I Have Got To Even Up The Score
Before He Sweeps Me Off The Floor

I Have Really Got To Find A Way
Of Taking Care Of Him For Good
I Know He Would Kill Me If He Could
So I Will Nail Him To The Wood

Killing My Old Man
You May Not Understand
He’s A Terrible Man
Got To Make A Stand
And Kill The Old Man

Every Time That I Think He’s Gone
And I Have Finally Won
He Just Keeps Coming Back
Puts Me On The Run

I Think I Would Better Do It Now
Get My Hammer And A Nail
Pray To God I That I Won’t Fail
Lest He Will Keep Me In The Jail
And I Don’t Wanna Stay In Jail!

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