Song I Was Made A Christian
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags I Was Made A Christian
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I Was Made A Christian
When My Name Was Given,
One Of God’s Dear Children,
And An Heir Of Heaven.
In The Name Of Christian
I Will Glory Now,
Evermore Remember
My Baptismal Vow.

I Must, Like A Christian
Shun All Evil Ways,
Keep The Faith Of Jesus,
Serve Him All My Days.
Called To Be A Christian
I Will Praise The Lord,
Seek For His Assistance
So To Keep My Word.

All A Christian’s Blessings
I Will Claim For Mine;
Holy Work And Worship,
Fellowship Divine.
Father, Son, And Spirit,
Give Me Grace, That I,
Still May Live A Christian,
And A Christian Die.

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