Song I Would Be True For There
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags I Would Be True For There
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I Would Be True For There
Are Those Who Trust Me
I Would Be Pure For There
Are Those Who Care
I Would Be Strong For There
Is Much To Suffer
I Would Be Brave For There
Is Much To Dare
I Would Be Friend Of All The
Foe The Friendless
I Would Be Giving
And Forget The Gift
I Would Be Humble
For I Know My Weakness
I Would Look Up And Laugh
And Love And Lift
I Would Be Faithful Through
Each Passing Moment
I Would Be Constantly In
Touch With God
I Would Be Strong To Follow
Where He Leads Me
I Would Have Faith To Keep
The Path Christ Trod
Who Is So Low That
I Am Not His Brother
Who Is So High That
I Have No Path To Him
Who Is So Poor
I May Not Feel His Hunger
Who Is So Rich
I May Not Pity Him
Who Is So Hurt I May Not
Know His Heartache
Who Sings For Joy
My Heart May Never Share
Who In God’s Heaven Has
Passed Beyond My Vision
Who To Hell’s Depths
Where I May Never Fare
May None Then Call On
Me For Understanding
May None Then Turn To
Me For Help In Pain And Drain
Alone His Bitter Cup Of Sorrow
Or Find He Knocks Upon
My Heart In Vain

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