Song I Would Heard Your Name
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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I Would Heard Your Name, But Never Seen Your Face
Been Touched Before But Never Your Embrace
Had A Soul To Lose And The World To Gain
But Then You Whispered My Name

And I Heard The Truth But Never From Your Lips
Bought The Lies Of Many Counterfeits
Dreamed My Dreams, But They Were Never In Colour
And I Searched For You And Many Others

I Was Down For The Count

Then I Saw Your Face
Just A Glimpse Of Your Face, And My Whole World Changed
Then I Saw Your Face, And I Was Changed Forever
Changed Forever Now
Then I Saw Your Face
One Glimpse Of Your Face, It’s A Whole New Game
Then I Saw Your Face, And I Was Changed Forever
Yours Forever Now

If I Could Reach The Stars, I Could Touch The Sky
And If I Spread My Wings, I Could Almost Fly
I Had Everything Paper Could Buy
I Was Lost In My Disguise

And If I Played My Role, They Would Feel My Style
If I Bought The Night They Would Buy My Smile
I’ve Been Running This Game For A Million Miles
Believing My Own Lies

I Was Down, I Was Out

I Was Blinded By My Selfish Dreams
Everything Ain’t What It Seems
From Inside To Out, There Ain’t No Doubt
I Been Changed

Nothing Short Of Satisfaction
Your Love Caused A Change Reaction
I Can Tell You This Much I Felt Your Touch
And I’m Changed

When I Was Down For The Count, Your Love Surrounded Me
Blink Of An Eye
I Saw My Destiny

Change, Rearranged Because I Couldn’t Maintain
The Heart It Took To Even Stay In The Game
One Look In Your Eyes Even I Realized
A Fellow Like Me Had Been Put Down To Size
To Be Built Up In A Better Way, Your Way
Yahweh Ain’t About To Fade
Bombastic, Ain’t No Way To Mask It
I Saw Your Face, And My Old Way’s Blasted

I’m Yours Forever Now

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