Song Jerusalem The Golden Descending
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Jerusalem The Golden Descending
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Jerusalem The Golden
Descending From Above
The City Of God’s Presence
The Vision Of God’s Love
I Know Not Oh I Know Not
What Joys Await Us There
What Radiancy Of Glory
What Bliss Beyond Compare

They Stand Those Halls Of Zion
All Jubilant With Song
So Bright With Many An Angel
And All The Martyr Throng
The Prince Is Ever In Them
The Daylight Is Serene
The Tree Of Life And Healing
Has Leaves Of Richest Green

There Is The Throne Of David
And There From Pain Released
The Shout Of Those Who Triumph
The Song Of Those Who Feast
And All Who With Their Leader
Have Conquered In The Fight
Forever And Forever
Are Robed In Purest White

How Lovely Is That City
The Home Of God’s Elect
How Beautiful The Country
That Eager Hearts Expect
O Christ In Mercy Bring Us
To That Eternal Shore
Where Father Son And Spirit
Are Worshiped Evermore

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