Song   Jesus Friend Of Sinners
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Charles Junkin
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus Friend Of Sinners
Scripture Reference(s)
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Jesus, Friend Of Sinners, Hast Thou Love For Me?
Son Of God The Holy, Man Of Mystery,
Lover Of The Children, Teacher Of The Wise,
Let Me Read The Secret In Thy Friendly Eyes.

Jesus, Friend Of Sinners, Thou Hast Read My Heart,
Searching Its Recesses With A Lover’s Art;
Naught Have I Withholden, Nothing Hid From Thee
Waste, Or Want, Or Follythings That Should Not Be.

Jesus, Friend Of Sinners, Thou Hast Touched My Soul,
Not With Scornful Pity, Not With Beggar’s Dole;
Thou Hast Not Despised Men That Faint Or Fall,
Tenderer Than Brother, For Thou Knowest All.

Jesus, Friend Of Sinners, Bid Me Follow Thee,
O’er The Rugged Highways, Even To Calvary;
Let Me Know Thy Spirit, Sweet And Strong And Wise;
I Would Win The Friendship In Thy Loving Eyes.

Jesus, Friend Of Sinners, Hold Me By Thy Side,
Till The Shadows Deepen Toward The Eventide;
To Thy Strength And Beauty I Would Ever Bend,
Till, In Dawn Eternal, Friend Shall Be As Friend!

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