Song   Jesus Himself With Me Doth Bide
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Mary Smith
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus Himself With Me Doth Bide
Scripture Reference(s)
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The Blessings Jesus Gives To Me
Are In His Love Out Poured,
But Dearer Far Than These Could Be
Is He Himself, My Lord.

Jesus Himself With Me Doth Bide,
More, More To Me Than All Beside,
Jesus Himself, Jesus Himself,
Jesus Himself, My Friend And Guide.

My Life, My Strength Are From His Hand,
Gifts Undeserved And Free,
Yet More Than Even The Life He Planned
Is He Himself To Me.

He Gave Me Home With All Its Love
And Life’s True Friendship Here,
Yet As A Friend All Friends Above,
The Christ Himself Is Dear.

His Gift, The Golden Sunshine Glad,
Earth Joys He Doth Bestow,
Yet Sweeter, Gladder Far It Is
The Christ Himself To Know.

And When I Reach That City Fair,
Agleam With Pearl And Gold,
‘Twill Be Heaven’s Joy To Greet Him There,
And He Himself Behold.

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