Song   Jesus Is Risen And Liveth
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer William Kendall
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus Is Risen And Liveth
Scripture Reference(s)
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It Is A Day Of Gladness,
This Blessed Easter Morn,
O Day Of Banished Sadness,
The Day When Hope Was Born;
A Time Of Great Rejoicing,
When Men And Angels Sing,
With Loud Hosannas Voicing
The Praise Of Christ The King.

Jesus Is Risen! O Swell The Refrain;
Jesus The Crucified Liveth Again!
Grave, Thou Art Conquered;
O Death, Thou Art Vain!
Jesus Is Risen, And Liveth Again!

With Joy Our Voices Raising,
We Join The Glad Acclaim,
To Tell His Strength Amazing,
And Praise His Matchless Name;
For In The Easter’s Breaking,
Long Centuries Ago,
The Son Of God Was Waking
Triumphant Over His Foe.

O Tell The Easter Story,
How Jesus Burst The Tomb,
And Pierced With Shafts Of Glory
Our Night Of Grief And Gloom.
No More Death’s Sting Shall Harm Us;
No More We Fear The Grave;
No More Can Sin Alarm Us;
The Risen Christ Doth Save.

O Souls That Need Salvation,
As Far From Christ You Stray,
Hear Now His Invitation,
Make This Your Easter Day;
The Christ Is Loudly Crying,
Amid Earth’s Storm And Strife,
To Souls In Trespass Dying
“I Bring Abundant Life.”

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