Song   Jesus Loves Even Me
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Jesus Loves Even Me
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I Am So Glad That Our Father In Heaven
Tells Of His Love In The Book He Has Given;
Wonderful Things In The Bible I See,
This Is The Dearest, That Jesus Loves Me.

I Am So Glad That Jesus Loves Me,
Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves Me.
I Am So Glad That Jesus Loves Me,
Jesus Loves Even Me.

Though I Forget Him, And Wander Away,
Still He Doth Love Me Wherever I Stray;
Back To His Dear Loving Arms I Do Flee,
When I Remember That Jesus Loves Me.

Oh, If There’s Only One Song I Can Sing,
When In His Beauty I See The Great King,
This Shall My Song Through Eternity Be,
“Oh, What A Wonder That Jesus Loves Me!”

Jesus Loves Me, And I Know I Love Him;
Love Brought Him Down My Poor Soul To Redeem;
Yes, It Was Love Made Him Die On The Tree;
Oh, I Am Certain That Jesus Loves Me!

If One Should Ask Of Me, How Can I Tell?
Glory To Jesus, I Know Very Well!
God’s Holy Spirit With Mine Doth Agree,
Constantly Witnessing Jesus Loves Me.

In This Assurance I Find Sweetest Rest,
Trusting In Jesus, I Know I Am Blessed;
Satan, Dismayed, From My Soul Now Doth Flee,
When I Just Tell Him That Jesus Loves Me.

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