Song   Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
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Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice,
I’m His Sheep, And Know His Voice;
He’s A Shepherd, Kind And Gracious,
And His Pastures Are Delicious;
Constant Love To Me He Shows,
Yea, My Very Name He Knows.

Trusting His Mild Staff Always,
I Go In And Out In Peace;
He Will Feed Me With Treasure
Of His Grace In Richest Measure;
When Athirst To Him I Cry,
Living Water He’ll Supply.

Should Not I For Gladness Leap,
Led By Jesus As His Sheep?
For When These Blest Days Are Over,
To The Arms Of My Dear Savior
I Shall Be Conveyed To Rest:
Amen, Yea, My Lot Is Blest.

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