Song   Jesus Our Strength
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Minnie Bateham
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus Our Strength
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I Am Thine, My Blessed Lord,
Thou Hast Died For Me.
All I Have And All I Am,
Now Belongs To Thee;
Give Me Of Thy Heavenly Store,
Grace To Love And Serve Thee More,
Let Thy Blood, A Cleansing Flood,
Make Me Pure And Free.

In Thy Love And Fullness Wide,
All My Imperfections Hide,
Ever In My Heart Abide,
All In All To Me.

Oft Methinks I Hear Thy Voice,
“I Have Died For Thee;
What Has Thou Today, My Child,
Wrought In Love For Me?”
Only Little Duties Done,
Trials Borne And Victories Won,
Small To Show, Yet This I Know,
They Were Done For Thee.

Guided Ever By Thy Love,
All My Way Is Bright;
Burdens Thou Dost Send Me, Lord,
Borne For Thee Are Light.
While I Closely Cling To Thee,
What Can Harm Or Hinder Me?
Every Day A Little Way
Nearer Heaven And Thee.

So I’ll Gladly Journey On
Toward My Heavenly Home;
Walking In Thy Strength Alone,
Till The End Shall Come.
Then When Thy Dear Face I See,
This Shall Be My Only Plea:
I Have Tried But Thou Hast Died,
Died, Dear Lord, For Me.

In Thy Love And Fullness Wide,
All My Imperfections Hide,
Jesus, Savior, Friend And Guide,
Let Me Dwell With Thee!

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