Song Jesus Savior Pilot Me
Album Christian Hymns Karaoke
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Edward Hopper
Publisher / Copyrights Public Domain
Tags Jesus Savior, Pilot Me
Theme(s) Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me, Tempestuous Sea, Hiding Rock, Child
Scripture Reference(s) Psalm 78:72, Psalm 89:8-9, Psalm 107:29-30, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 43:2, Isaiah 54:11-17, Matthew 8:23-27, Matthew 14:27, Mark 4:30-31, Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25, John 6:21
CCLI Song No

Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me,
Over Life’s Tempestuous Sea;
Unknown Waves Before Me Roll,
Hiding Rock And Treach’rous Shoal;
Chart And Compass Come From Thee:
Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me!

As A Mother Stills Her Child,
Thou Canst Hush The Ocean Wild;
Boist’rous Waves Obey Thy Will
When Thou Say’st To Them, “Be Still!”
Wondrous Sov’reign Of The Sea,
Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me!

When At Last I Near The Shore,
And The Fearful Breakers Roar
‘Twixt Me And The Peaceful Rest,
Then, While Leaning On Thy Breast,
May I Hear Thee Say To Me,
“Fear Not, I Will Pilot Thee!”

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