Song   Jesus Shall Reign Wherever
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus Shall Reign Wherever
Scripture Reference(s)
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Jesus Shall Reign Wherever The Sun
Does His Successive Journeys Run;
His Kingdom Stretch From Shore To Shore,
Till Moons Shall Wax And Wane No More.

Behold The Islands With Their Kings,
And Europe Her Best Tribute Brings;
From North To South The Princes Meet,
To Pay Their Homage At His Feet.

There Persia, Glorious To Behold,
There India Shines In Eastern Gold;
And Barbarous Nations At His Word
Submit, And Bow, And Own Their Lord.

To Him Shall Endless Prayer Be Made,
And Praises Throng To Crown His Head;
His Name Like Sweet Perfume Shall Rise
With Every Morning Sacrifice.

People And Realms Of Every Tongue
Dwell On His Love With Sweetest Song;
And Infant Voices Shall Proclaim
Their Early Blessings On His Name.

Blessings Abound Wherever He Reigns;
The Prisoner Leaps To Lose His Chains;
The Weary Find Eternal Rest,
And All The Sons Of Want Are Blessed.

Where He Displays His Healing Power,
Death And The Curse Are Known No More:
In Him The Tribes Of Adam Boast
More Blessings Than Their Father Lost.

Let Every Creature Rise And Bring
Peculiar Honors To Our King;
Angels Descend With Songs Again,
And Earth Repeat The Loud Amen!

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