Song   Jesus Sweetly Saves
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Jesus Sweetly Saves
Scripture Reference(s)
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Tell The Sweet Old Story, Shout The Glad Old Song,
Let The Ransomed Swell It, As It Rolls Along,
Set The Chorus Ringing, Jubilant And Strong:
“Jesus Saves, Sweetly Saves.”

He Saves, Jesus Saves,
He Saves, Sweetly Saves;
Let All Nature Join And Sing,
To The Glory Of Our King:
“Jesus Saves, Sweetly Saves.”

Wanderers In Darkness, Going Far Astray,
Wait For You To Beckon To The Upward Way.
Hasten With The Message, Tell It While You May:
“Jesus Saves, Sweetly Saves.”

Sing His Love And Mercy, Sound It Evermore,
Till The World Shall Listen, Wonder And Adore,
Till The Tuneful Echoes Reach The Heavenly Shore:
“Jesus Saves, Sweetly Saves.”

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