Lyrics The Christian Hymn Book

Jesus The Spring Of Joys Divine

Song Jesus The Spring Of Joys Divine
Album The Christian Hymn Book
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) A. Campbell And Others
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus The Spring Of Joys Divine
Theme(s) Mediatorial Reign
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Jesus, The Spring Of Joys Divine,
Whence All Our Hopes And Comforts Flow:
Jesus, No Other Name But Thine
Can Save Us From Eternal Woe.

In Vain Would Boasting Reason Find
Thy Way To Happiness And God;
Her Weak Directions Leave The Mind
Bewildered In A Dubious Road.

No Other Name Will Heaven Approve;
Thou Art The True, The Living Way,
Ordained By Everlasting Love,
To The Bright Realms Of Endless Day.

Here Let Our Constant Feet Abide,
Nor From The Heavenly Path Depart;
O Let Thy Spirit, Gracious Guide!
Direct Our Steps, And Cheer Our Heart.

Safe Lead Us Through This World Of Night,
And Bring Us To The Blissful Plains—
The Regions Of Unclouded Light
Where Perfect Joy For Ever Reigns.

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