Song   Jesus Wants Us To Help Him
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Jesus Wants Us To Help Him
Scripture Reference(s)
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A Raindrop Fell On A Blossom Gay,
That Grew On The Apple Tree;
“I’ve Hurried Down On This Rainy Day,
To Help You To Grow,” Said He.

Jesus Wants Us To Help Him, Too,
Each In Our Own Sweet Way;
If We Try It, We’ll Surely Do
Something For Him Each Day.

A Sunbeam Danced Thro’ A Window Low,
And Said To A Wee Sick Boy:
“I’ve Come To Help With My Cheery Glow;
I Bring You My Light And Joy.”

A Little Child With A Sweet, Kind Word,
Brought Cheer To The Lone And Sad;
She Tried To Help, Until Those Who Heard
Found Comfort To Make Them Glad.

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