Song   Joyfully Joyfully Onward I Move
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer William Hunter
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Joyfully Joyfully Onward I Move
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Joyfully, Joyfully, Onward I Move,
Bound For The Land Of Bright Spirits Above;
Angelic Choristers Sing As I Come,
“Joyfully, Joyfully Haste To Thy Home”;
Soon With My Pilgrimage Ended Below;
Home To The Land Of Bright Spirits I Go,
Pilgrim And Stranger No More Shall I Roam,
Joyfully, Joyfully, Resting At Home.

Friends Fondly Cherished Have Passed On Before,
Waiting They Watch Me Approaching The Shore;
Singing To Cheer Me Through Death’s Chilling Gloom,
“Joyfully, Joyfully Haste To Thy Home”;
Sounds Of Sweet Melody Fall On Mine Ear;
Harps Of The Blessed, Your Voices I Hear!
Rings With The Harmony Heaven’s High Dome,
Joyfully, Joyfully, Haste To Thy Home.

Death With Thy Weapons Of War Lay Me Low;
Strike, King Of Terrors, I Fear Not The Blow;
Jesus Hath Broken The Bars Of The Tomb,
Joyfully, Joyfully Will I Go Home.
Bright Will The Morn Of Eternity Dawn;
Death Shall Be Banished, His Sceptre Be Gone;
Joyfully Then Shall I Witness His Doom,
Joyfully, Joyfully, Safely At Home.

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