Christian Hymnal – Series 3J Lyrics

Joyfully Sing Joyfully Sing

Song Joyfully Sing Joyfully Sing
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Joyfully Sing Joyfully Sing
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Sing With A Tuneful Song, Sing And Adore
Jesus The Holy One, King Evermore;
He Is The Desert Rock, There We May Hide,
Under His Mighty Shade Safe We Abide.

Joyfully Sing, Joyfully Sing,
Joyfully Sing, Joyfully Sing,
Joyfully Sing, Joyfully Sing,
Light Of Eternity,
Honour And Praise To Thee,
Now And Forever Be,
Jesus Our King.

Sing With A Grateful Heart, Hallow His Name,
All He Has Done For Us, Gladly Proclaim;
Tell How Each Promise Sweet Cheers Us Along,
Praise We The Lord Of Lords, Fountain Of Song.

Sing With A Trusting Heart, Looking Away
Up To The Brighter Land, Brighter Than Day;
Sing With A Glowing Heart Filled With His Love,
Sing Till Our Happy Souls Anchor Above.

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