Song   Judge Mine Integrity
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Judge Mine Integrity
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Judge Mine Integrity,
The Righteous Judge Thou Art;
Prove Me, O Lord, Examine Me,
And Try My Inmost Heart.

Thy Mercy And Thy Grace
I Love To Contemplate;
Thy Paths Of Truth My Footsteps Trace,
And Wicked Men I Hate.

Clean Hands, O Lord, I Raise
As I Thy Altars Seek,
Where I May Sing In Grateful Praise,
And Of Thy Wonders Speak.

O Lord, Thy House I Love,
Where Glory Dwells Within;
O Keep My Heart Secure Above
All Fellowship With Sin.

Redeeming Love And Grace
Bestow, O Lord, On Me;
Among Thy Saints How Blest My Place
Forever Praising Thee.

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