Song   Just As I Am Thine Own To Be
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Marianne Hearn
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Just As I Am Thine Own To Be
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Just As I Am, Thine Own To Be,
Friend Of The Young, Who Lovest Me,
To Consecrate Myself To Thee,
O Jesus Christ, I Come.

In The Glad Morning Of My Day,
My Life To Give, My Vows To Pay,
With No Reserve And No Delay,
With All My Heart I Come.

I Would Live Ever In The Light,
I Would Work Ever For The Right;
I Would Serve Thee With All My Might;
Therefore, To Thee I Come.

Just As I Am, Young, Strong, And Free,
To Be The Best That I Can Be
For Truth, And Righteousness, And Thee,
Lord Of My Life, I Come.

With Many Dreams Of Fame And Gold,
Success And Joy To Make Me Bold,
But Dearer Still My Faith To Hold,
For My Whole Life, I Come.

And For Thy Sake To Win Renown,
And Then To Take The Victor’s Crown,
And At Thy Feet To Cast It Down,
O Master, Lord, I Come.

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