Song   Just As Thou Art
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Addison Ballard
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Just As Thou Art
Scripture Reference(s)
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Just As Thou Art; To Me, A Child,
Self Banished And Unreconciled,
To Win Through Patient Mercy Mild,
Come, Father, Unto Me.

Just As Thou Art; Without Delay,
Although To Rescue Me Thy Way
Grows Dark With Calvary’s Bloody Day,
Come, Jesus, Unto Me.

Just As Thou Art; My Guilty Soul
Beyond My Struggling Will’s Control,
To Cleanse From Sin And Make Me Whole,
Come, Spirit, Unto Me.

Just As Thou Art; Blest Three In One,
Accepting, As It Were My Own,
The Praise Of What Is Thine Alone;
Come, Father, Spirit, Son.

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