Song   Just As Thou Art Without
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter J
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Russell Cook
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Just As Thou Art Without
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Just As Thou Art, Without One Trace
Of Love, Or Joy, Or Inward Grace,
Or Meetness For The Heavenly Place,
O Guilty Sinner, Come.

Burdened With Guilt, Wouldst Thou Be Blest?
Trust Not The World; It Gives No Rest;
Christ Gives Relief To Hearts Oppressed
O Weary Winner, Come.

Thy Sins I Bore On Calvary’s Tree;
The Stripes, Thy Due, Were Laid On Me;
That Peace, And Pardon Might Be Free;
O Wretched Sinner, Come.

Come, Leave Thy Burden At The Cross,
Count All Thy Gains But Empty Dross:
My Grace Repays All Earthly Loss;
O Needy Sinner, Come.

Come, Hither Bring Thy Boding Fears,
Thy Aching Heart, Thy Mournful Tears;
‘Tis Mercy’s Voice Salutes Thine Ears
O Trembling Sinner, Come.

The Spirit And The Bride Say, Come!
Rejoicing Saints Re-Echo, Come!
Who Faints, Who Thirsts, Who Will, May Come:
Thy Savior Bids Thee, Come!

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