Song   Keep On Singing!
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter K
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Agnes Ellingwood
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Keep On Singing!
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CCLI Song No

Have You Grown Discouraged, Weary,
Amid The Cares Of Life?
Do You Often Grow Disheartened
And Falter In The Strife?
Jesus Knows About The Burden,
He’ll Bear You Safely Thro’;
Then Sing A Song Of Gladness,
He’ll Care For You.

Keep On Singing!
The World Is Bright And Fair;
God Is O’er Us,
His Love Is Everywhere;
He Will Keep You,
Just Trust Him All The Way,
And Keep On Singing,
Thro’ Every Day.

Do You Wander From The Savior,
And Sometimes Lose The Way?
Does The Tempter Oft Assail You
And Beckon Day By Day?
Never Fear! Be Strong, Courageous,
The Lord Will Surely Win;
He’ll Conquer Every Trial
And Save From Sin.

Hear The Savior Gently Pleading,
“Come Lay Your Sins On Me;
I Will Give You Full Salvation,
Will Pardon, Set You Free”;
Just Believe His Precious Promise,
Accept Him For Your Own;
Come Sing Your Psalms Of Gladness
Before His Throne.

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