Song King Might Miss The Guiding Star
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags King Might Miss The Guiding Star
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A King Might Miss The Guiding Star,
A Wise Man’s Foot Might Stumble;
For Bethlehem Is Very Far
From All Except The Humble.
It Is Christmas Day! It Is Christmas Day!
And Christian Hearts Are Humble.

Some Pilgrims Seek A Hallowed Shrine;
Some Soldiers March To Danger;
Some Travellers Seek An Inn—Its Sign
“The Baby In A Manger.”
When Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn,
They Laid Him In A Manger.

There Is No Palace In That Place,
Nor Any Seat Of Learning,
No Hilltop Vision Of God’s Face,
No Altar Candles Burning:
O Come And See Our Christmas Tree
And Christmas Candles Burning.

But He Who Gets To Bethlehem
Shall Hear The Oxen Lowing;
And, If He Humbly Kneel With Them,
May Catch Far Trumpets Blowing;
From Far Away, On Christmas Day,
May Hear God’s Trumpets Blowing.

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