Song   King Of Glory King Of Peace
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter K
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer George Herbert
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags King Of Glory King Of Peace
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King Of Glory, King Of Peace,
I Will Love Thee;
And That Love May Never Cease,
I Will Move Thee.
Thou Hast Granted My Request,
Thou Hast Heard Me;
Thou Didst Note My Working Breast,
Thou Hast Spared Me.

Wherefore With My Utmost Art
I Will Sing Thee,
And The Cream Of All My Heart
I Will Bring Thee.
Though My Sins Against Me Cried,
Thou Alone Didst Clear Me;
And Alone, When They Replied,
Thou Didst Hear Me.

Seven Whole Days, Not One In Seven,
I Will Praise Thee;
In My Heart, Though Not In Heaven,
I Can Raise Thee.
Small It Is, In This Poor Sort
To Enroll Thee:
Even Eternity’s Too Short
To Extol Thee.

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