Song Light Of The Minds That Know Him
Album Top Easter Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Augustine
Publisher / Copyrights © Oxford University Press
Key D Minor
Tags Light Of The Minds That Know Him
Scripture Reference(s)
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Light Of The Minds That Know Him,
May Christ Be Light To Mine!
My Sun In Risen Splendour,
My Light Of Truth Divine;
My Guide In Doubt And Darkness,
My True And Living Way,
My Clear Light Ever Shining,
My Dawn Of Heaven’s Day.

Life Of The Souls That Love Him,
May Christ Be Ours Indeed!
The Living Bread From Heaven
On Whom Our Spirits Feed;
Who Died For Love Of Sinners
To Bear Our Guilty Load,
And Make Of Life’s Brief Journey
A New Emmaus Road.

Strength Of The Wills That Serve Him,
May Christ Be Strength To Me,
Who Stilled The Storm And Tempest,
Who Calmed The Tossing Sea;
His Spirit’s Power To Move Me,
His Will To Master Mine,
His Cross To Carry Daily
And Conquer In His Sign.

May It Be Ours To Know Him
That We May Truly Love,
And Loving, Fully Serve Him
As Serve The Saints Above;
Till In That Home Of Glory
With Fadeless Splendour Bright,
We Serve In Perfect Freedom
Our Strength, Our Life, Our Light.

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