Song Make Me A Servant
Album With Joyful Lips – D
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Make Me A Servant
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Make Me A Servant, Humble And Meek.
Lord, Let Me Lift Up Those Who Are Weak,
And May The Prayer Of My Heart Always Be:
Make Me A Servant (2)
Make Me A Servant Today!

Even Though You Were In The Form Of God,
You Took The Form Of A Slave.
You Accepted Death Even On A Cross,
So God Exalted Your Name.

Ere You Formed Me In My Mother’s Womb,
You Called Me By My Name.
And You Touched My Mouth And Appointed Me
A Prophet To The World

May I Heal The Sick And The Crippled Bind,
Bring Back The Sheep That Stray.
May I Seek The Lost And The Weak Made Strong,
With Justice Feed The Poor.

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