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Maker Of The Sun And Moon

Song Maker Of The Sun And Moon
Album Best Christmas Songs
Genre Christian Music
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The Maker Of The Sun And Moon,
The Maker Of Our Earth,
Lo! Late In Time, A Fairer Boon,
Himself Is Brought To Birth!

How Blest Was All Creation Then,
When God So Gave Increase;
And Christ, To Heal The Hearts Of Men,
Brought Righteousness And Peace!

No Star In All The Heights Of Heaven
But Burned To See Him Go;
Yet Unto Earth Alone Was Given
His Human Form To Know.

His Human Form, By Man Denied,
Took Death For Human Sin:
His Endless Love, Through Faith Descried,
Still Lives The World To Win.

O Perfect Love, Outpassing Sight,
O Light Beyond Our Ken,
Come Down Through All The World Tonight,
And Heal The Hearts Of Men!

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