Song Morning Has Broken
Album Top Christian Songs Of All Time
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer(s) Eleanor Farjeon, Cat Stevens
Publisher / Copyrights © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Tags Morning Has Broken, Rick Wakeman
Theme(s) Teaser And The Firecat
Scripture Reference(s) John 3:8; John 3:6; Numbers 15:13;
CCLI Song No

Morning Has Broken, Like The First Morning
Blackbird Has Spoken, Like The First Bird
Praise For The Singing, Praise For The Morning
Praise For The Springing Fresh From The World

Sweet The Rain’s New Fall, Sunlit From Heaven
Like The First Dew Fall, On The First Grass
Praise For The Sweetness Of The Wet Garden
Sprung In Completeness Where His Feet Pass

Mine Is The Sunlight, Mine Is The Morning
Born Of The One Light, Eden Saw Play
Praise With Elation, Praise Every Morning
God’s Recreation Of The New Day

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