Song   My Country It Is Of Thee
Album Thanksgiving and Harvest Hymns
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer Samuel Francis Smith
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags My Country It Is Of Thee
Scripture Reference(s)
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My Country, It Is Of Thee,
Sweet Land Of Liberty,
Of Thee I Sing;
Land Where My Fathers Died,
Land Of The Pilgrim’s Pride,
From Every Mountainside
Let Freedom Ring.

My Native Country, Thee,
Land Of The Noble Free,
Thy Name I Love;
I Love Thy Rocks And Rills,
Thy Woods And Temple Hills;
My Heart With Rapture Thrills
Like That Above.

Let Music Swell The Breeze,
And Ring From All The Trees
Sweet Freedom’s Song;
Let Mortal Tongues Awake,
Let All That Breathe Partake,
Let Rocks Their Silence Break,
The Sound Prolong.

Our Fathers’ God, To Thee,
Author Of Liberty,
To Thee We Sing;
Long May Our Land Be Bright
With Freedom’s Holy Light;
Protect Us By Thy Might,
Great God, Our King.

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