Song My First Love Is A Blazing Fire
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-05)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Stuart Townend
Publisher / Copyrights Thankyou Music
Key E
Tags First Love, Like A Child
Theme(s) Love, Revival
Scripture Reference(s) Psalms 42 : 7, Psalms 85 : 6, Matthew 24
CCLI Song No 1585963

My First Love Is A Blazing Fire
I Feel His Powerful Love In Me
For He Has Kindled A Flame Of Passion
And I Will Let It Grow In Me.
And In The Night I Will Sing Your Praise, My Love
And In The Morning I’ll Seek Your Face, My Love

And Like A Child I Will Dance In Your Presence
Oh, Let The Joy Of Heaven Pour Down On Me
I Still Remember The First Day I Met You
And I Don’t Ever Want To Lose That Fire, My First Love

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