Song Nearer The Cross My Heart Can Say
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Nearer The Cross My Heart Can Say
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“Nearer The Cross!” My Heart Can Say
I Am Coming Nearer,
Nearer The Cross From Day To Day,
I Am Coming Nearer;
Nearer The Cross Where Jesus Died,
Nearer The Fountain’s Crimson Tide,
Nearer My Saviour’s Wounded Side,
I Am Coming Nearer, I Am Coming Nearer.

Nearer The Christian’s Mercy Seat,
I Am Coming Nearer;
Feasting My Soul On Manna Sweet
I Am Coming Nearer;
Stronger In Faith, More Clear I See
Jesus Who Gave Himself For Me;
Nearer To Him I Still Would Be,
Still I’m Coming Nearer
Still I’m Coming Nearer.

Nearer In Prayer My Hope Aspires,
I Am Coming Nearer;
Deeper The Love My Soul Desires,
I Am Coming Nearer;
Nearer The End Of Toil And Care,
Nearer The Joy I Long To Share,
Nearer The Crown I Soon Shall Wear;
I Am Coming Nearer;
I Am Coming Nearer.

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