Song   No More Dear Savior Will I Boast
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter N
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags No More Dear Savior Will I Boast
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No More, Dear Savior, Will I Boast
Of Beauty, Wealth, Or Loud Applause,
The World Has All Its Glories Lost,
Amid The Triumphs Of The Cross.

In Every Feature Of Thy Face
Beauty Her Fairest Charms Displays;
Truth, Wisdom, Majesty, And Grace,
Shine Thence In Sweetly Mingled Rays.

Thy Wealth The Power Of Thought Transcends,
‘Tis Vast, Immense, And All Divine;
Thy Empire, Lord, O’er All Extends
The Sun, The Moon, The Stars Are Thine.

Yet, Oh How Marvelous The Sight!
I See Thee On A Cross Expire;
Thy Godhead Veiled In Sable Night,
And Angels From The Scene Retire

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