Song   No More My God I Boast No More
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter N
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags No More My God I Boast No More
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No More, My God, I Boast No More
Of All The Duties I Have Done;
I Quit The Hopes I Held Before,
To Trust The Merits Of Thy Son.

Now, For The Love I Bear His Name,
What Was My Gain I Count My Loss;
My Former Pride I Call My Shame,
And Nail My Glory To His Cross.

Yes, And I Must And Will Esteem
All Things But Loss For Jesus’ Sake:
O May My Soul Be Found In Him,
And Of His Righteousness Partake!

The Best Obedience Of My Hands
Dares Not Appear Before Thy Throne;
But Faith Can Answer Thy Demands
By Pleading What My Lord Has Done.

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