Song   Now I’m Convinced The Lord
Album Most Popular Gospel Songs – Letter N
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer Isaac Watts
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Now I’m Convinced The Lord
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Now I’m Convinced The Lord Is Kind
To Men Of Heart Sincere;
Yet Once My Foolish Thoughts Repined,
And Bordered On Despair.

I Grieved To See The Wicked Thrive,
And Spoke With Angry Breath,
How Pleasant And Profane They Live!
How Peaceful Is Their Death!

With Well-Fed Flesh And Haughty Eyes,
They Lay Their Fears To Sleep;
Against The Heavens Their Slanders Rise,
While Saints In Silence Weep.

“In Vain I Lift My Hands To Pray,
And Cleanse My Heart In Vain;
For I Am Chastened All The Day,
The Night Renews My Pain.”

Yet While My Tongue Indulged Complaints,
I Felt My Heart Reprove
“Sure I Shall Thus Offend Thy Saints,
And Grieve The Men I Love.”

But Still I Found My Doubts Too Hard,
The Conflict Too Severe,
Till I Retired To Search Thy Word,
And Learn Thy Secrets There.

There, As In Some Prophetic Glass,
I Saw The Sinner’s Feet
High Mounted On A Slippery Place,
Beside A Fiery Pit.

I Heard The Wretch Profanely Boast,
Till At Thy Frown He Fell;
His Honors In A Dream Were Lost,
And He Awakes In Hell.

Lord, What An Envious Fool I Was!
How Like A Thoughtless Beast!
Thus To Suspect Thy Promised Grace,
And Think The Wicked Blessed.

Thus I Was Kept From Full Despair,
Upheld By Power Unknown;
That Blessed Hand That Broke The Snare
Shall Guide Me To Thy Throne.

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