Song O Almighty God Of Love
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Almighty God Of Love
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O Almighty God Of Love,
Thy Holy Arm Display!
Send Me Succour From Above
In This My Evil Day;
Arm My Weakness With Thy Power,
Woman’s Seed, Appear Within!
Be My Safeguard And My Tower
Against The Face Of Sin.

Could I Of Thy Strength Take Hold,
And Always Feel Thee Near,
Confident, Divinely Bold,
My Soul Would Scorn To Fear;
Nothing Should My Firmness Shock;
Though The Gates Of Hell Assail,
Were I Built Upon The Rock,
They Never Could Prevail.

Rock Of My Salvation, Haste,
Extend Thy Ample Shade,
Let It Over Me Be Cast,
And Screen My Naked Head;
Save Me From The Trying Hour,
Thou My Sure Protection Be;
Shelter Me From Satan’s Power,
Till I Am Fixed On Thee.

Set Upon Thyself My Feet,
And Make Me Surely Stand;
From Temptation’s Rage And Heat
Cover Me With Thy Hand;
Let Me In The Cleft Be Placed,
Ne’er From My Defence Remove,
In Thine Arms Of Love Embraced,
Of Everlasting Love.

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