Song O Bread To Pilgrims Given
Album Christian Hymns For Communion
Genre Christian Music
Writer(s) Maintzich Gesangbuch
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags O Bread To Pilgrims Given, William Gilchrist
Theme(s) Communion Songs, Communion Hymns, Song for Eucharist, Eucharist Celebration Song
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

O Bread To Pilgrims Given,
O Food That Angels Eat,
O Manna Sent From Heaven,
For Heaven-Born Natures Meet:
Give Us, For Thee Long Pining,
To Eat Till Richly Filled;
Till, Earth’s Delights Resigning,
Our Every Wish Is Stilled.

O Water, Life-Bestowing,
Forth From The Saviour’s Heart
A Fountain Purely Flowing,
A Fount Of Love Thou Art:
O Let Us, Freely Tasting,
Our Burning Thirst Assuage;
Thy Sweetness, Never Wasting,
Avails From Age To Age.

Jesus, This Feast Receiving,
We Thee Unseen Adore;
Thy Faithful Word Believing,
We Take, And Doubt No More:
Give Us, Thou True And Loving,
On Earth To Live In Thee;
Then, Death The Veil Removing,
Thy Glorious Face To See.

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